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A true masterpiece of spiritual reflection, Interior Castle contains the autobiographical journey of Teresa of Avila. She describes the spiritual life as a castle with many levels. Each individual begins in the lowest level of the castle steeped in the awareness of sin and a passion for spiritual maturity. As her metaphor unfolds, St. Teresa devotes a considerable amount of time to the contemplative life and the soul’s union with God. St. Teresa was plagued by constant illness and pain, making her spiritual meditations a vivid and tangible expression of devotion to Jesus Christ.

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  • Discusses the contemplative life and the soul’s union with God
  • Compares the stages of development of the soul with seven mansions
  • Provides insight into spiritual growth
  • The First Mansions
    • Description of the Castle
    • The Human Soul
  • The Second Mansions
    • War
  • The Third Mansions
    • Fear of God
    • Aridity in Prayer
  • The Fourth Mansions
    • Sweetness in Prayer
    • Divine Consolations
    • Prayer of Quiet
  • The Fifth Mansions
    • Prayer of Union
    • Effects of Union
    • Case of Union
    • Spiritual Espousals
  • The Sixth Mansions
    • Preparation for Spiritual Marriage
    • The Wound of Love
    • Locutions
    • Raptures
    • The Flight of the Spirit
    • Spiritual Jubilation
    • The Humanity of our Lord
    • Intellectual Visions
    • Imaginary Visions
    • Intellectual Visions continued
    • The Dart of Love
  • The Seventh Mansions
    • God’s Presence Chamber
    • Spiritual Marriage
    • Its Effects
    • Martha and Mary

Teresa of Avila (1515–1582) is Doctor of the Church and venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran Traditions. She lived her life in Spain, where she was a Carmelite nun, a mystic, and a theologian. She was cofounder of the Discalced Carmelites along with St. John of the Cross. Among her other works are The Way of Perfection and her autobiography, The Life of Teresa of Jesus.


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