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Mobile Ed: PC131 Shepherding Women (4 hour course - audio)

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Dr. Bev Hislop provides strategies to improve pastoral care to women. The course examines the biblical portrayal of women, considers the effect of physiological and psychological differences between men and women on pastoral care, and offers a profile of effective shepherding of women.

This is the audio only version of PC131 Shepherding Women. To purchase the full course, click here.

Course Outline

Unit 1: A Pastoral Understanding of Women

  • Gender Distinction in Scripture
  • Searching for Resources on Gender and the Image of God
  • Unique to Man
  • Unique to Woman
  • Impact and Implications of the Fall
  • Woman as Life-Bearer (1)
  • Woman as Life-Bearer (2)
  • Discovering Different Views of 1 Peter 3:7
  • Woman as Companion and Bride
  • Compassionate Shepherding
  • Moved to Compassion
  • Jesus’ Compassion in Mark 5
  • The Woman Who Touched Jesus
  • Jesus’ Compassion in John 4
  • Condemnation in John 8
  • Elizabeth, Mary, and Mary
  • Women Shepherding Women in Titus
  • Older Women and Men in Titus

Unit 2: Physiological and Psychological Differences

  • The Formation of the Brain
  • Empathizing and Systemizing (1)
  • Empathizing and Systemizing (2)
  • Processing Pain
  • Gender Advantages
  • Using the Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology and Counseling

Unit 3: Women Shepherding Women

  • Distinctives of Shepherding Women
  • Performing Bible Word Searches on “Shepherd”
  • What Makes a Good Shepherd?
  • Women as Shepherds
  • Effective Biblical Shepherding

Unit 4: Profile of Shepherding

  • The Metaphor of Sheep
  • Bad Shepherds Are Non-shepherds
  • Ezekiel 34
  • Creating a Handout about Good vs. Bad Shepherding
  • The Impact of Poor Shepherding
  • Using the Passage Guide to Examine the Context of Ezekiel 34
  • The Impact of Good Shepherding
  • Essential Elements of Good Shepherding
  • Creating, Sharing, and Collaborating on Prayer Lists
  • Elements of Shepherding: Binding the Injured
  • Do’s for Shepherding: Discover If She Wants to Change
  • Two Do’s for Shepherding: Lists and Limits
  • Consulting Pastoral Visitation: A Pocket Manual
  • Two Do’s for Shepherding: Answers and Referrals
  • Examining Legal Issues Associated with Counseling Ministries
  • Do’s for Shepherding: Walk through Her Pain
  • Do’s for Shepherding: Respect Her Choice
  • Two Do’s for Shepherding: Presence and God’s Power
  • Three Don'ts for Shepherding: Advice, Promises, and Fixing Things
  • Two Don’ts for Shepherding: Assumptions and Facts
  • Two Don’ts for Shepherding: Judgments and Workload
  • Two Don’ts for Shepherding: Overspiritualizing and Emotions
  • Listen to My Story
  • Active Listening
  • Empathize with Me
  • Reflect My Options
  • Respect My Choices
  • Hope for the Church

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Beverly Hislop

Dr. Bev Hislop teaches courses on pastoral care to women in the Master of Arts in Ministry and Leadership—with a Pastoral Care to Women concentration—at Western Seminary in Portland, San Jose, and Sacramento. She also served on the board of Network for Women in Leadership, and has been involved in women’s ministries for over 30 years.

She founded the Women’s Center for Ministry at Western Seminary in Portland in 1996, and established the unique Pastoral Care to Women (PCW) programs and courses offered at Western Seminary.

Previously, Dr. Hislop developed and taught a women’s ministry module at Moody Bible Institute in South Florida, established and directed women’s ministries in five churches (on both west and east coasts of America, and overseas), and hosted a weekly radio program, Western Connection for Women, for women in ministry and ministry wives. She also established a ministry just for pastors’ wives.

Dr. Hislop’s newest book, Shepherding Women in Pain, is a vital resource for pastors, women’s ministry directors, and all who have a heart for helping hurting women. Dr. Hislop is also the author of Shepherding a Woman's Heart, and was a major contributing author to the Women's Ministry Handbook.

Dr. Hislop and her husband, Jim, have two married children and six living grandchildren. 


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