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Mobile Ed: ED121 Introducing Evangelism (5 hour course - audio)



Gain confidence to share and defend your faith with this course from apologist, author, and pastor Dr. Bobby Conway. Examine the biblical definitions for “evangelism” and “apologetics” so you can live out the Great Commission in your home, workplace, and community. Acquire useful and proven strategies to overcome the most common challenges, such as facing your fears and answering hard questions. Simplify your outreach program and engage your culture biblically with Dr. Conway’s five-part approach to evangelism. Whether you desire to do more personal evangelism and apologetics, or whether you desire to equip others for the ministry, Dr. Conway provides the instruction you need.

Bobby Conway, founder and host of The One Minute Apologist, has taught thousands of people how to address common questions about the Christian faith. His years of experience as a lead pastor are distilled in this Mobile Ed course.

This is the audio only version of ED121 Introducing Evangelism. To purchase the full course, click here.

Course Outline


  • Introducing the Speaker
  • A Passion for Evangelism

Unit 1: The Urgency of Evangelism

  • The Reality of Hell
  • Examining Jesus’ Teaching on Hell
  • The Reality of Death
  • Approaching Your Culture
  • Evangelism for the Glory of God
  • The Fivefold Purpose of the Course: Purpose #1
  • The Fivefold Purpose of the Course: Purposes #2–5

Unit 2: The Foundations of Evangelism

  • Defining Evangelism
  • Using Morphology Searching to Find People Who Evangelized in the New Testament
  • Motivations for Evangelism
  • The Hopelessness of Christless Culture
  • Researching Families in the Biblical World with the Topic Guide
  • Responding to a Christless Culture
  • The Benefits of Evangelism, Part 1
  • The Benefits of Evangelism, Part 2

Unit 3: Rely on God through Prayer

  • The Importance of Prayer
  • What to Pray
  • Prayer and Spiritual Blindness
  • Prayer, Opportunities, and Wisdom

Unit 4: Equip Yourself to Defend the Faith

  • Defining Apologetics
  • The Importance of Apologetics
  • Finding All Uses of Prōtotokosin the Bible with the Bible Word Study Guide
  • Apologetics, Confidence, and Removing Obstacles
  • Apologetics and Doubt
  • Jesus’ Response to Doubt
  • Developing an Apologetic Bent
  • Engaging the Culture

Unit 5: Accept Responsibility to Build Relationships

  • Culture and Evangelism
  • Awareness and Acceptance of Nonbelievers
  • Surveying Jesus’ Interaction with Tax Collectors with the Factbook
  • Four Ways to Connect
  • Making a Strangerhood a Neighborhood
  • Stages for ASSESSing Spirituality
  • Using Gospel Harmonies to Compare Accounts of Jesus’ Crucifixion

Unit 6: Clearly Share Your Story

  • Types of Storytelling
  • How to Share Your Story
  • Four Components of Your Story
  • Sharing Your Story: An Example
  • Leading People to Christ

Unit 7: Help Them Connect to Christ’s Community

  • Baptism
  • Local Church
  • Evangelism
  • Creating and Sharing Bible Reading Plans
  • Bible Reading
  • Prayer

Unit 8: Questions Surrounding Evangelism

  • What Is the Role of the Holy Spirit?
  • What Is the Role of Holiness?
  • Using Grammatical Relationships to Examine Holiness in the New Testament
  • What Is the Role of Spiritual Warfare?
  • What Is the Role of John 14:6 in a Pluralistic Culture?
  • What Is the Role of Fear?
  • What Is the Role of Story?
  • What Is the Role of Marriage and Family?


  • Review of the Course

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Bobby Conway

Bobby Conway serves as lead pastor of Image Church in Charlotte, North Carolina and is well known for his YouTube ministry called, One Minute Apologist, which now goes by the name Christianity Still Makes Sense. He also serves as the Co-Host of Pastors’ Perspective, a nationally syndicated call-in radio show on KWVE in Southern California. Bobby earned his Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, his Doctor of Ministry in Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary and his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion from the University of Birmingham (England) where he was supervised under David Cheetham and Yujin Nagasawa. Bobby’s also written several books including: The Fifth Gospel, Doubting Toward Faith, Does God Exist and Fifty-One other Questions About God and the Bible and the forthcoming Christianity Still Makes Sense to be published by Tyndale in April 2024. He’s married to his lovely wife Heather and together they have two grown kids: Haley and Dawson.


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